"This serves as my highest endorsement on behalf of Paul Scoptur as a trial
consultant/focus group leader.  I have known Paul now for a number of years,
and I have utilized Paul's services as a trial consultant/focus group
leader.  Paul's skills are exceptional and are very helpful with regard to
conducting focus groups to determine the landmines in a case from the
venire's perspective and in restructuring the case to overcome jury bias
adverse to the opposition's position.  I strongly endorse Paul as a trial
consultant/focus group leader."

Alan L. Morton
Boise, ID  83701-0420

"I recently had the opportunity to consult with Paul on a complex medical negligence case.  Paul not only took the time to help me understand the case in terms of how a deviation from the standard of care occurred but he illustrated subtle nuances of the case, particularly relating to damages, that I wouldn’t have picked up on in a thousand years. It was the most valuable case consultation I have ever had and I wholeheartedly recommend Paul.  I know I will certainly use him again."

Loring Justice, Knoxville Tennessee

I am in my thirty-first year of trying cases, and will not try most cases without first focus grouping them.  I have had the pleasure of working with Paul Scoptur as a facilitator in Milwaukee and firmly believe that Paul serving as the facilitator was a definite asset.  With Paul's help I was able to shift from themes that I thought were important to themes that the mock jurors believed were important. Paul's experience as a trial lawyer enhanced his role as a facilitator, as he did not push for a "win", but he rather framed and presented information to the jurors so that we could get good feedback.  It was also good to learn that an issue that you thought would have been obvious to a blind man couldn't be seen by anyone.  It is also good to show your client the tapes of the jurors deliberating so they can have a reality check. I look forward to working with Paul in the future and have referred other friends to him. 
Roman Okrei, Illinois

Paul Scoptur is among the elite of the trial consultants and focus group facilitators with whom I have been able to consult on the preparation and handling of my cases.  I have been involved with AAJ / NCA courses for fifteen years and have been impressed with Paul for his ability to see the landmines and holes in my cases where I previously thought none existed.  Because of Paul and his consulting with me on three of my cases, I have been able to successfully conclude them.  As I told Paul, I only bring him the difficult ones.  I would be very happy to recommend Paul to anyone who needs a focus group facilitator or a trial consultant.  He is among the best. 


William H. “Bill” Goforth

Goforth & Lilley, PLC

109 Stewart Street

Lafayette, Louisiana  70501

I and my partner, Tim McMahon, had the great fortune to work with Paul at a recent AAJ Focus Group Workshop, where we focused a difficult medical malpractice case. Paul’s facilitation of the focus group and his insights with respect to themes, sequencing and addressing problems and defenses, were invaluable. I returned home having a much clearer road map as to what I needed to do to optimize my chances for success and much greater confidence in my case. I believe Paul’s background as a trial lawyer and trial consultant gives his an unique perspective as to what “jury evidence” is required to be successful in trying cases in today’s climate.

I and my firm will certainly be calling upon Paul in the future to assist us in preparing cases for trial and highly recommend him to any one who tries cases.


Bradley M. Corsiglia

Corsiglia McMahon & Allard
96 N. Third Street Suite 620
San Jose, CA  95112

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul on several cases over the past few years, the most recent resulting in a $29,100,000.00 verdict.  Paul worked with the trial team and participated in six focus groups over several years.  We had partially settled a portion of the case, and with Paul’s assistance we revamped our strategy following the partial settlement.  Following the $3,000,000.00 partial settlement, Paul was able to assist us in shifting our focus and theme in another direction, and the jury verdict was in line with, and a direct result of, our reframing the issues consistent with the remaining defendants.  As a result of Paul’s assistance we were able to conduct additional focus groups and obtain focus group participant feedback, which was consistent with the ultimate verdict.  I can highly recommend Paul to anyone who needs help facilitating a focus group and acting as a trial consultant.

Robert A. Brenner

Law Offices of Robert A. Brenner

21900 Burbank Boulevard, 3rd Floor

Woodland Hills, California 91367

I've been using focus groups for my cases more than twenty-five years.

Paul's trial consulting skills are as good or better than anyone I've worked

with.  He provides the total package for all of your needs in getting the

most out of focus groups.  


Besides the usual benefits of which points to emphasize, how to sequence

witnesses, which defense landmines must be defused, and such, Paul gives

more value than other consultants.  Because he is a top-notch trial lawyer,

Paul brings his understanding of the law, evidence, and presentation issues

to his work as a trial consultant giving you a fresh set of eyes and ears

and the practical means to accomplish your goals at trial.


I've used Paul for years, unhesitatingly recommended him to other attorneys,

and look forward to working with him on other cases in the near future."


Bob Kleinpeter


Kleinpeter & Schwartzberg, LLC

619 Jefferson Highway, Suite 2H

Baton Rouge, LA  70806


We have been doing focus groups with Paul for the last 4 years.  We are confident he is the best trial consultant in the country for many compelling reasons.   Unlike many other consultants, Paul is an experienced and highly successful trial attorney.  He knows what it is like to stand in front of  conservative juries on behalf of severely injured plaintiffs.  He knows what it feels like to win and to lose.  His 33 years of trial experience, combined with the lessons he has learned from doing hundreds of focus group all over the county, make him uniquely qualified to show trial lawyers what they need to do to win cases in front of tough juries.
After working with Paul on a difficult medical malpractice case, we changed our litigation strategy based on the lessons we learned in the focus groups.  Shortly thereafter, the defendants offer rose from 2 million to 5 million.
Last week, he moderated 2 “pre discovery” focus groups on a medical malpractice case we just filed.  He learned our case quickly and was able to identify potential problems that we and our medical experts had not even considered.  He has an amazing ability to think like a juror instead of a lawyer.   Then, at the focus groups, he was able to help us figure out what the jurors really thought about our case and, most importantly, we learned what we needed to show the jurors to prove every element of our case.  As a result, we changed our discovery plan.  He also used intelligent and crafty questions to allow the jurors to give us compelling themes we can use during opening statements and closing arguments.
Paul sincerely enjoys helping trial lawyers represent injured persons to the best of their abilities.  He understands how tort reform propaganda effects jurors and he knows how to help us overcome conservative biases that are so deeply rooted in contemporary juries.   Paul is a joy to work with because he does not have an ego.  All he cares about is helping trial lawyers figure out the best ways to maximize their chances of winning cases  for people who really need our help.  We look forward to working exclusively with Mr. Scoptur for the rest of our careers.
Craig D. Brown and Pete Flowers
3 North Second Street, Suite 300
St. Charles, Illinois  60174

Our firm recently conducted a focus group with Paul Scoptur as facilitator.  The insights he was able to extract from the juror, their beliefs and how their values affected their decision making process was extremely helpful in how we decided to frame our case for trial.  Our court process in Canada is quite different from the U.S. but geographical boundaries do not limit the insights and the usefulness of the focus group feedback.  Highly recommend focus groups for any case and especially those that have very fine nuances in the facts or law.



Pauline Gardikiotis

Barrister & Solicitor




1400 - 570 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 3P1

Tel:  604.681.9344

Fax: 604.682.3844

“Since our firm had never used a focus group, when we decided to take the plunge we opted for the best in the business.  Not only did Paul Scoptur meet our expectations, he exceeded them 100 fold.  We are so convinced in the power of focus groups, and of Paul’s abilities, that we will never try another case without one.

Paul spent hours with us before the focus group to examine the case weaknesses and strategize the best way to present to the focus group.  After we presented and listened as the “jury” deliberated, we gathered priceless information about the aspects of case they thought were strong and those that were weak.  Paul moderated the group effortlessly and left no door unopened or fact unexplored.  Watching him work was truly impressive.”

JT Wisell

Wisell & McGee, LLP

80-02 Kew Gardens Road

Suite 307

Kew Gardens, NY 11415

I am writing to thank you for your work and teachings over the years.   Your work has paid off even when you don’t realize it, and continues to help people throughout the country.


Two weeks ago, I tried a single-car hydroplaning case with no eyewitnesses.  The slope of the road was only 1.8% off of normal.  Nevertheless, it caused the road to hold water during rain, although the amount of water was highly disputed.  The client suffered a tbi, but walked and talked normally, and could even play golf and ride 4 wheelers.  The jury bias in our initial focus groups was off the charts.  They wanted to blame the plaintiff for everything.


Armed with all of your lessons and teachings, we marched forward to trial.  We got great responses from post-trial interviews.  One was to the “status quo” bias.  We argued that the rules were already in place to keep this a safe world, and that we weren’t asking the jury to do anything other than enforce the rules that are already in place for our safety.  A finding of no liability would only increase the risks that we would live in a dangerous world.  Another one was using Robyn’s advice that people believe what is written, and typed into my Closing powerpoint her suggestion of “When someone says, that’s too much money … you say, we aren’t supposed to consider that and tell the judge that a juror is not following the law.”  My “reptile” argument was that our roads connect us to our jobs, families, and returning home safely.  If we don’t make the State follow their own rules, we risk endangering those connections, risk not coming home safely, and are exposed to being vulnerable and isolated.  Katherine, I also used your theme of “they need to mend their ways, mend the roads, and mend Tommy.”  I looped it throughout the case.  In closing, we picked the “turned a blind eye” case frame.  The jurors visibly reacted to it.

The verdict was for 3.77 million, with 100% fault on the State. 


Thank you again for everything you do, and please keep up the good work.




Scott J. Chafin, Jr.

Gregorio, Chafin & Johnson, LLC

7600 Fern Avenue, Bldg. 700

Shreveport, LA  71105

I want to let all my brothers and sisters know what an enormously valuable resource we have in Paul Scoptur as a trial consultant. We used his savvy services in doing focus groups and mock juries in the recent verdict against the Diocese of Duluth ( 8.1 m in compensatory damages) and have been retaining him for years across the country. He is a seasoned trial lawyer that brings tons of knowledge and state of the art trial techniques in helping gain intelligence about our cases not discernable anywhere else. Paul is also very efficient which means economical. Please call me if you want more info about how valuable he is as he is as deeply committed to helping us as he is talented. Do your clients a big service in hiring him. He hails from Milwaukee but is nimble and quick and always ready to answer the call. Call Paul not Saul.

Jeff Anderson, St. Paul MN

Paul - thank you for guiding me to the finish line (again) in the most direct and efficient manner by empowering jurors to balance harms and losses to the fullest extent possible.  Our jury today certainly did that!" Thanks for everything!!!  Love ya man!

Ben Anderson, Cleveland Ohio, $20,000,000 verdict in a transvaginal mesh case, 4/2017

Paul organized the whole process and created two panels that proved to be very similar to the venire. From the feedback we received from the panels we were able to tailor our message at trial to the themes that resonated with Paul's focus groups. I highly recommend Paul as his ability to pull information from the focus groups made it easy to identify which jurors were "ours" and which were "theirs."  We got great value out of Paul's process. 

Daniel Lynch


Chicago Illinois